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"Everett Abrams (The Wizard Of Wood ) has influenced woodcare across the globe.

Educating thousands of contractors the correct methods and products,to help drive the industry forwards .

His unwavering dedication has been instrumental in the way real restoration is taught.

He deserves his place at the top of the tree.

He is an inspiration to both young and established companies. Credit when credit us due .This guy really is The Wizard Of Wood."

- Steve Shires (England)

“All these recent posts about cleaning wood have surely confused the new guys.  Or even veterans new to wood.  If you really want to learn wood care, go take some classes from Everett Abrams.  He isn’t called the Wizard of Wood for no reason.”  – Joey Peters

“Thank you Everett! Very glad that I took your 2 day class, extremely informational. The amount of topics thoroughly explained is astounding. The class is well worth the cost.  I took it a few years ago.  Everything you need to know about wood restoration and adding it to your business.” – Chad Abrams

“I recently attended the two day deck restoration course and came away with an abundance of knowledge and confidence. Everett Abrams is clearly one of the most knowledgeable and best in his field and he relays that in this course. His passion for wood restoration makes the course enjoyable as well. I can’t imagine anyone offering a better course. Well worth it!”   -Quality Surface Care

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