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The “Wizard of Wood” Everett Abrams offers various educational resources for you and your employees to maximize profitability. This includes Wood Restoration classes all over North America. He also hosts Multi-day boot camps at the Deck Restoration Plus Facilities where you can get hands on learning with our one of a kind training deck that has various species of soft and hardwoods and multiple lines of composite and PVC decking. Everett has also written an Exterior Wood Restoration Manual that is used across the industry by professionals for reference on cleaning and restoring any exterior wood project.

The "Wizard of Wood" holds his Exterior Wood Restoration Manual

Exterior Wood Restoration Manual

This is the bible for Exterior Wood Restoration. A lot of contractors keep this in their work trucks to reference the correct way to restore exterior wood on decks, fences, wood siding, log cabins and more.  The content of this manual contains sections such as types of wood, restoration process, equipment and safety procedures, and even information on marketing, branding, and pricing/estimating!

The "Wizard of Wood" provides a wood restoration demo on a fence.

Wood Restoration Classes/Public Speaking

Everett commonly attends many different trade shows and conventions all over the country. Often he will be a speaker or instruct a class at these events.  Keep an eye on our events calendar to make sure you don't miss a chance to learn from the Wizard. 

Everett will also come teach classes on location to your employees to go through the DRP Institute certification program. For more information and pricing call our offices toll free (866-440-3325)

The "Wizard of Wood" teaching at a 3-Day Wood Restoration Boot Camp.

Intensive 3 Day Wood Restoration Boot Camps

Everett Abrams, the Wizard of Wood, ocassionally teaches 3-Day “Hands-On” Boot Camp for individuals and companies to learn wood restoration, repair, and maintenance practices for success. The class includes a FREE copy of the Wood Restoration Manual, Class Room Setting, Hands-on Demos, and a Certificate of Completion. Whether you are using wood restoration services as a focal point of your business or as an add on service, you will learn the Professional Standards!

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