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See how people who take the "Wizard of Wood's" classes use the wealth of knowledge they receive and turn it into more profits for themselves and their companies.


Todd Keel

Took the class last year,a wealth of information. Paid for itself in a month,knowledge is profit

John Tornabene

After taking Everett's class we started going from small decks to stain, to large houses. I "wood" definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn from a Wood Restoration expert to get your confidence level way up look for when Everett's having his classes this year

Guy Trige

Thank you for teaching me.  I applied what I learned from you on my company's first job. My employees and I were amazed with the great results. The customer was blown away and said it looked amazing and just like new

Albert Whitelaw

Everett is a genius as it relates to wood restoration. His expertise is impressive and his passion is contagious. I hope to continue learning from the master while attending additional classes in the future.

Brian Sauls

If you want to make money with wood you should be at this boot camp with Everett Abrams!

Gerard Petersen

Guys I attended this class… It was really informative well thought out. Everett Abrams doesn’t “Wing” this class. He works hard to prepare it. I’m telling ya if you want to learn about wood this is the class to take!!

Danny Dunham

Everett has changed my business for sure. I took his class after my first season and I know I speak for everybody who has taken his class, that it is by far one of the most beneficial classes you can take in this industry. Everett is one of the few people that want you to succeed in what he teaches. Not only has he made me a lot of money, he has saved me even more in mistakes.

Todd Russell

Very professional and informative, even if you only clean well worth your time . This course will benefit us for years to come.

Michael Hache

Just landed an 8k job and another 17k booked in 3 days in wood restoration. Special thanks to Everett Abrams and Shane Brasseaux. Because of the time you guys take to answer questions week after week, month after month. I've been able to take it to the next level this season. 70% of the work we did was wood restoration and jobs keep getting bigger and bigger!  Much respect to those veterans whose shared knowledge is worth so much to listen to 

AC Lockyer

Everett is an expert in our industry on wood restoration. More then that Everett has been able to establish a position of leadership crossing over between many sub groups and associations in our industry building lines of communication. Everett is a gentlemen and statesman for our industry, the exterior cleaning industry.

Rick Atkins

I have had most of my guys go through his class since 2000 and is a very good class to take. I learned something every time and i think we have been through 5 classes.

Brandon Cody

After attending the wood restoration class i was able to land a $32k wood restoration job with the knowledge i learned. Thanks Everett Abrams

152 (2).JPG

I love your videos and feel like I can handle the prep and sealing of the DF deck.

If you could make a video on the non toxic Stripper Plus stripper that would be great.

You may have it already and I have not found it?  Prep is the hard part and I appreciate that you make it easy to understand and provide products for us all to use to solve deck problems.

After seeing your videos I feel like I got a really good education deeper understanding on how to handle and prep wood. 


Jean Tessmer

A Testimonial From New Zealand!
A Testimonial From England!
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