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"Wizard of Wood's" Online Wood Restoration Class

This course is the most in depth course on exterior wood restoration and related topics in the industry.By completing the modules in this course you will not only have the tools needed to add wood restoration to your business, but also the foundations to start a new business along with support from the DRP team. With this course you will head down the path to being the expert in your area and further separate yourself from your competitors and peers.

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Course Layout

Module 1: Species of Wood

Module 2: Equipment And Supplies (Prep)

Module 3: Chemicals

Module 4: Identifying Issues/Troubleshooting

Module 5: Start Of The Restoration Process

Module 6 Equipment And Supplies (Applying)

Module 7: Before We Apply

Module 8: Types Of Coatings

Module 9: Applying The Coating

Module 10: Safety

Module 11: Pricing/Creating A Price List

Module 12: Estimating

Module 13: Marketing And Branding

Each module corresponds with a section of the Wood Restoration Manual that is included with the class. Each module also includes a video and/or a PowerPoint presentation making this class feel like you're right in the class room with the wizard of wood himself.

  • Wood Restoration Basic: $599 (Course Only - does not include the Pricing, Estimating and Marketing/Branding modules)

  • Wood Restoration Advance: $999 (Course Only)

  • Wood Restoration Advance + Noble Membership: $1099 (Course + Benefits)

  • Wood Restoration Advance + Royal Membership: $1299 (Course + Benefits)

  • Individual Modules (Pricing, Estimating, Marketing/Branding) : $199

For more information on the course call our office toll free - 866-440-3325

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