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Advantages of Taking a Wizard of Wood Class

Why take one of the Wizard of Wood's Classes? This is a question we often get asked. Folks are asking what is included a class, whether it is online or an in-person Boot Camp. We will list what is on the website here and while we do feel that what is listed is certainly an amazing value, we want to emphasize one MAJOR component, and that is the "Continued Future Support From The “Wizard of Wood” and Staff. This is HUGE because it gives you a consulting staff for future projects. What is the value of this type of dedicated support from the leading expert in this industry and his staff? Whether you are restoring a cedar-sided home, a log cabin, a deck, a fence or any type of exterior project, it is invaluable to have this type of expertise available to you. To have the Wizard of Wood, Everett Abrams, and his staff at your disposal to see you through these types of projects is invaluable. What would it cost to hire a paid consultant or expert to guide you or even just help with adding confidence you are on the right track? In our opinion, this is what makes this course the most valuable in this industry.

  • Exterior Wood Restoration Opportunities

  • Standards

  • Equipment

  • Supplies

  • Chemicals and Products

  • Preparing Surfaces – Methods of Restoration

  • Coating Wood Surfaces

  • Sealers, Stains, and Paints

  • Different Wood Types/Species

  • Safety

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Developing A Price List

  • Estimating

  • Demonstrations or Work on the “Training Deck”

  • Business Building Tips

  • Future Maintenance Plans

  • Profitability

  • Continued Future Support From The “Wizard of Wood” and Staff

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