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An Important Tip When Staining and Sealing!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

One of the most important tips you can receive from the "Wizard of Wood", Everett Abrams, is making sure when you stain or seal a vertical surface - you always start from the bottom up. A lot of contractors and homeowners don't know that sealers and stains have a tendency to repel themselves.

For example, say you were staining a wood-sided house and started at the top. Some of the coating starts to drip on the wood below - that is considered the first coat. If you were to apply an additional coat, or more, then there would be some uneven spots. It may look beautiful when you finish, but after the stain or sealer dries, you'll notice the wood start to freckle in the spots of the drip mark, due to the uneven number of coats.

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