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Eventful Month for the Wizard of Wood

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When you're known as the "Wizard of Wood", you tend to have a lot on your plate. Here's a recap on some of the events Everett Abrams has recently attended!

In mid-October, Everett Abrams traveled down to Florida to participate in PowerClean 2022, to teach the PWNA Exterior Wood Restoration Class and attend the trade show kickoff!

The last week of October, the Wizard taught a 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp! This 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp was held on Oct. 26-28 and took place at the office of Deck Restoration Plus / DRP Enterprises. James Cassetty and Nicholas Paley received their certificates and are now ready to make their mark in the world thanks to the help of the Wizard!

On November 4, Everett Abrams traveled to L&H Industrial Services, Inc. in Georgia to teach a Wood Cleaning and Restoration course!

At the same he's planning, coordinating, and participating in these events, he's running his company, communicating with his employees, and setting up his online wood restoration course on NADRA's educational platform as well as many other tasks and responsibilities.

No wonder they call him the Wizard!


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