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The Legend of the "Wizard of Wood"

🧙 The Legend of the "Wizard of Wood" is a tale that has been passed down throughout the wood restoration community. Murmurs of his name instill tales of heroism and amazing feats that the younger generation can only hope to accomplish. Here's how the tale goes:

Once upon a time in the small town of Shamong, NJ, there lived a man named Everett Abrams. His story unfolded in a world where wood held a magical allure, and Everett, through his incredible skills, earned the nickname "Wizard of Wood."

From the early days of his career, the moniker stuck like an enchanting charm. Everett, however, did not shy away from it; instead, he embraced the title bestowed upon him by peers who marveled at his mystical abilities with wood restoration.

As the years passed, the "Wizard of Wood" became a legend, not just in Shamong but across the entire United States. Everett's expertise in Exterior Wood Restoration reached far and wide, making him the leading authority in the field. But his magic didn't lie solely in the results he achieved with his service business, Deck Restoration Plus.

No, Everett's true wizardry emerged in his dedication to sharing his knowledge. For over two decades, he conducted the renowned Exterior Wood Restoration Class, a magical experience for those seeking to unravel the secrets of wood restoration. The class came complete with an accompanying manual that was revered as the "Bible" for enthusiasts in the craft.

The "Wizard of Wood" wasn't just a title; it was a responsibility. Everett actively participated in industry committees, received accolades, and contributed insightful articles, leaving an indelible mark on the wood restoration realm. His impact extended beyond his own ventures, weaving into the fabric of numerous companies, associations, and organizations.

To earn the esteemed title, Everett not only conjured spectacular results in his service business but also shared his magic with others. He became a mentor, guiding fellow craftsmen to success in wood restoration. Many testified to the transformative influence of Everett's instruction, education, leadership, and unwavering support.

In the enchanting town of Shamong, atop the "Training Deck" adorned with various wood species, composites, and PVC decking, the "Wizard of Wood" continued his mystical teachings. Students, eager to learn the secrets of exterior wood restoration, flocked to his online classes, in-person sessions, and Boot Camps.

And so, the legend of the "Wizard of Wood" lived on, with Everett Abrams enchanting the hearts and minds of over 10,000 students, leaving a magical legacy in the world of wood restoration for generations to come.

The "Wizard of Wood", straight out of a fairytale.
The "Wizard of Wood", straight out of a fairytale.


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