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The "Wizard of Wood" Has Another Successful 3-Day Wood Restoration Boot Camp Class!

Contractors that sign up for the "Wizard of Wood" 3-Day Boot Camp are receiving the absolute best wood restoration education in the industry. Taught by the "Wizard of Wood", Everett Abrams, these classes are designed to teach you everything you need to know about wood restoration, the industry, and how to hone your craft and make your business grow! Cesar Garcia is one of the latest graduates from the "Wizard of Wood" boot camp, and he is now ready to apply what he learned and become the leading expert in his area!

Investing in a "Wizard of Wood" Exterior Wood Restoration Boot Camp is absolutely worth it - this knowledge can't be obtained elsewhere! Hands on training, demonstrations, PowerPoint lectures, a copy of the Exterior Wood Restoration manual, and access to Deck Restoration Plus Products! Everything needed to kickstart a successful business!

If you're interested in one of these educational opportunities, now is the time to enroll in either an in-person or online wood restoration course, curated by the "Wizard of Wood". Check out the OFFICIAL "Wizard of Wood" website to see dates and find links to access education, quickly and efficiently!


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