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What Do You Learn At a "Wizard of Wood" 3-Day Exterior Wood Restoration Boot Camp?

The "Wizard of Wood", Everett Abrams, teaches his 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp at 152 Indian Mills Rd. in Shamong, NJ! This is one of the most in-depth and intuitive classes on wood restoration you could ever attend, but what exactly do you learn over the course of three days? Is there really that much content on wood restoration? Absolutely! In fact, there is so much to cover, the "Wizard of Wood" could probably spend a whole week on the topic and still not cover everything! Here's a sample of everything you'll learn while participating in a 3-Day Boot Camp:

  • Species of Wood - There are many different classifications and species of wood, from basics such as Pine and Cedar, to exotic wood like Mahagony, Ipe, and Guarapa. Every species of wood reacts differently to chemicals, water, and pressure so being able to identify wood species and how to properly work with them is a MUST in this industry.

  • Restoration Process - The meat and potatoes of this course - this includes the full restoration process including prep work, chemicals needed, loading chemicals into sprayers, how to apply stain, dwell times, mixing ratios, and much more! This part has live and hands-on demonstrations!

  • Estimates and Pricing - How to provide an estimate for your customer and the breakdown of pricing. This is probably the most crucial part of the whole process - showing the customer why they want you and your company to take care of their outdoor living space. The "Wizard" will teach you how to formulate estimates and pricing for jobs and go over specific examples.

There is far more valuable information in a "Wizard of Wood" 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Camp than we can list in this blog post! In order to find out what else you can learn, you need to ENROLL NOW! Spots are limited! Take your business to the NEXT LEVEL with a "Wizard of Wood" approved class! 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp 2024 (April 10, 11, 12) — Deck Restoration Plus (


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