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If You Want Your Company to Be Successful and Maximize Profits, You Need to Enroll in the "Wizard of Wood" Exterior Wood Restoration Boot Camp!

Everett Abrams, the "Wizard of Wood", has been involved in the wood restoration industry for over 30+ years, helping set the industry standards for contractors and homeowners. He runs a successful contracting company based in South Jersey, created and maintains the Deck Restoration Plus line of restoration products and stains, and runs an educational platform where he teaches wood restoration in boot camps, online classes, and convention centers around the United States. So why would you pass by an opportunity to learn from an industry leader? Learning from successful, knowledgeable industry leaders is the BEST way to learn - especially when they helped write the standards everyone follows to this day! Here's what you'll learn over the course of 3 days when you invest in a "Wizard of Wood" Boot Camp:

  • Wood Species

  • Chemicals

  • Equipment

  • Safety Precuations

  • Restoration Process

  • Applying Chemicals

  • Pricing / Estimating

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • ......and much more!

Better you and your business and take the time and invest in one of these classes. The return on investment is extremely high - an example of this: one of the contractors who took the class scored a $32,000 restoration job almost immediately, which he attributed to the "Wizard of Wood" and his course! Breakfast and lunches are provided, and you'll even be able to purchase some Deck Restoration Plus products straight from the offices! Seats are limited, enroll in the "Wizard of Wood" In-Person Boot Camp NOW to secure your spot! 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp 2024 (April 10, 11, 12) — Deck Restoration Plus (

If you're unable to travel and make arrangements to come to South Jersey, we understand! That's why the "Wizard of Wood" has graciously made a condensed version of his class that can be taken online! Although you won't get the glitz and glory of the in-person class (like hands on demonstrations), the education on the online course is just as invaluable AND you can access it whenever you need to, 24/7! The only course can be accessed through our TalentLMS platform. Wizard of Wood (

The "Wizard of Wood" performing a demonstration..
The "Wizard of Wood" performing a demonstration


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