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WizTips: What You Can Do During the Slow Season

In certain parts of the United States, the slow season is starting to creep in. Some companies will see less work, cut their work force down to essential employees, adjust their hours, or even shut down until things start to pick up again. Just because there is a lack of work, doesn't mean you just pack it up and call it a season. There are many things you can do in the meantime to prepare for when business starts ramping up again. Take it from the "Wizard of Wood" - he has many different things to work on. He would even argue to say that he's busier on the off season!

Regardless, if you find yourself in a slump and things are slowing down, here's a list of things you can work on while things aren't as hectic:

  • Social Media - Work on your social media accounts! Continue to post, share, comment, and show you're active! Even if the season is over, no one is going to interact with a business that doesn't post content. Review links, make changes to information, and otherwise keep fresh content in circulation!

  • Review Analytics - If you're on the backend of your websites, social media accounts, or advertisement, check to see how you did throughout the year. Are there certain times where you had the largest reach or most engagement? Were there certain keywords or hashtags that performed well?

  • Work on SEO - Also on the backend, work on SEO. Keep boosting your way to the top of the search engine rankings, so that by the time the busy season rolls around, you'll be a top search result!

  • Organization - Stay organized! Keep your filing cabinets or computer documents well organized and maintained. Delete/trash things you no longer need or move things you won't be actively using but need on hand to storage or an external hard drive.

  • Research - One of the best things you can do during the off-season is research! Watch videos, take online classes, or invest in new equipment. See what other people in your field are doing, check if prices are going to increase on supplies and equipment, and take solid notes of what to look for in the upcoming season. Don't wait until the season starts to research, or you'll already be behind the 8-ball.

There are many ways to stay busy when the off season begins, but it takes determination and discipline to put forth the effort. The time to prepare is now!

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