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YouTube Milestone: "Wizard of Wood" Hits 800,000 Views!

The "Wizard of Wood's" YouTube channel has surpassed the 800,000 view mark! Another incredible milestone - just over a month after hitting 700,000! With a combination of regular uploads, live videos, and shorts, there's so much content available from the "Wizard of Wood" - and it's all for free! Contractors and homeowners across the globe watch his content to get help with home improvement and DIY wood restoration projects.

See real-world examples of Everett Abrams out in the field with the crew of DRP Enterprises / Deck Restoration Plus as he shows equipment use, staining techniques, industry standards and much more! Subscribe to the channel and keep up to date with all the latest Wizardly content! Wizard of Wood - YouTube

The "Wizard of Wood" Hits the 800,000 View Milestone!


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