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Being Different

Updated: Sep 5

The "Wizard of Wood" cannot stress this enough: BE DIFFERENT! Being different is what separates you from the competition. It helps you keep along-lasting impression on customers and is a big talking point for word-of-mouth marketing. Everything you do, from first impressions to the actual work, to payment and finalizing - customers take note of everything you do. What separates you from everyone else? Find ways to be different!

Do you hand out your personal cell phone number so they can contact you directly for questions or problems? When you hand them, paperwork is it laminated, or in a protective cover? When the customer pays the bill, do you give them a special item with your company's logo on it like a canvas bag, shirt, or something else? When you're marketing or branding your company, how do you set yourself apart? Tell people why you're the best at what you do, and why they should hire you for their project. Use words that draw people in - use any awards and recognition to drive your point home. There's so much potential when it comes to being different - use your imagination and see what works and what doesn't. Not everything you do is a homerun, so trial and error is key here. See how customers react to what you do, and don't do, and take everything into consideration so you can adjust your business model.

Remember, being different is what separates you from your competition, and ultimately decides whether or not your company will be successful! With a little creativity and thought, you can enjoy success for many years to come!

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