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Are You Stuck, Lost, or Confused About Wood Restoration? Here's How the "Wizard of Wood" Can Fix It!

Updated: Feb 7

"I have been so ready to throw in the towel so many times trying to restore wood. The Wizard of Wood has given me guidance and a new confidence!" -Michael Blechta

If you've ever felt discouraged like Michael did, you need to be proactive like he was, and invest in a "Wizard of Wood" wood restoration education class! The "Wizard of Wood" offers two different classes to take your game to the next level.

The 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration boot camp, coming up this April from the 10th-12th, gives you a classroom setting where you can learn through live demonstrations and hands-on training directly from the "Wizard of Wood". 3-Day Extensive Wood Restoration Boot Camp 2024 (April 10, 11, 12) — Deck Restoration Plus (

Our online education course allows you access to "Wizard of Wood" approved education anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!

A world of opportunity awaits to grow your business and hone your craft, just like Michael. Enroll in a class NOW!

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