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Keep Warm This Winter With the Wizard's Online Education Course!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The temperatures are dropping, and, depending on where you live, the number of jobs you have booked may be dropping as well! Stay warm and cozy this winter, with the Wizard of Wood's online wood restoration class. This class is the perfect #opportunity to learn the A-Z, the ins and outs, of wood restoration from the Wizard of Wood, Everett Abrams. This course is perfect for both veterans of the industry and those looking to start out. It's like having a never-ending cup of hot chocolate! Access from your phone, computer, laptop - wherever, whenever! The return on investment is extremely high, so don't pass this golden opportunity up! 2023 is right around the corner - make sure you have the knowledge ready to tackle any project with the Wizard of Wood's online wood restoration class!


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